Streets of East LA

Streets of East LA

Micky, born near El Pino, a veteran of the streets, finds, that his past has finally caught up to him, when his family is literally slaughtered in front of his eyes. Micky enlists a beautiful, mysterious Nun (Paz De La Huerta), who secretly is a mercenary for hire. She obtains info after personally placing a hit on the Chinese mob, who gunned down Micky's Chicano family on the streets of East L.A. Micky gets busted for the crime, with no way out, until a brilliant attorney (Angus Macfayden) finds a way to make a deal, that the prosecutors cannot refuse, death to their own family. Micky gets out and under close observation from the Feds, he must take out his vengeance on the Chinese family, fronted by a White Mafia hit man (William McNamara). Micky brings in his people from the East L.A. hood to act out his act of vengeance.

Co-producers: Joann Walker and Julia Walker
Associate producers: Richie Pierce and Anne Miller
Produced by Terry Smith Walker and Damian Chapa

Writer: Damian Chapa

Stars: Damian Chapa, Angus Macfayden, Paz De La Huerta, Mariano Mendoza, William McNamara
Language: English
Film Category: Mafia-Thriller
Film Year: 2015